Identity Protection Assistance

Welcome to Assistenza International's Identity Theft Assistance page. We understand the growing risks associated with identity theft, and that's why we're here to offer you comprehensive protection and tailored support.

Our Assistance Service: We offer a dedicated service that goes beyond prevention. In the event of identity theft, our specialized team offers legal assistance, financial support and emotional support to help you overcome the repercussions of this threat.

Did you know that :

En 2008, environ 2,25 millions de personnes au Canada ont été affectées par le vol ou la fraude d’identité

    • $7.2 billion dollars is the estimated yearly cost of identity theft in Canada and growing
    • Recent statistics show that approximately 2.25 million Canadians were affected by identity theft and fraud
    • 75% of Canadians say they are concerned about becoming victims of identity theft and fraud
    • In the United States, most crimes related to identity theft are based in southern states such as the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and Texas

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